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What is Connemara Marble?

What is Connemara Marble?

Connemara marble is a distinctive type of green marble that is found only in Ireland. It is found at the Wild Atlantic way of Ireland, in Galway. Outside Galway city is a region called Connemara. It is at this region that the Connemara marble mines are found. This marble has been hidden for over 900 million years.


connemara marble

Photo: Connemara marble


Connemara marble is characterized by its green color, which is caused by the presence of serpentine in the stone. Because of its unique beauty, it has been used to create unique Celtic gifts such as Connemara marble rings, necklaces and earrings. There are other Irish gifts such as Connemara marble coasters that make great gifts for the home.


Photo: Connemara, County Galway


Here are some popular Irish gifts that are made with Connemara marble


Irish Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are great for adding to your favourite whiskey without diluting it with water. It helps you maintain the taste without spoiling it.

whiskey stones


Connemara marble ring

The Claddagh ring is Irelands most famous piece of Celtic jewelry. In this beautifully crafted ring, the heart at the centre is made from Connemara marble. Every ring is unique because every cut of marble has a different green, just like the fields of the emerald isle!

connemara marble claddagh ring

Connemara marble earrings

These Irish earrings, made with sterling silver, are in the style of the Tree of life. A wonderful Celtic jewelry gift.

connemara marble earrings 


The Tara Brooch

Our Tara brooch is made from Connemara marble and it is rhodium plated. By adding marble to this Irish brooch makes it extra special and each one is unique.


Connemara marble Celtic Cross necklace

Marble looks great in a Celtic cross necklace.

celtic cross necklace


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