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Irish Hats and Caps

Browse our Irish flat caps collection. All of our tweed Irish hats are made in Ireland. Included in our range of Irish hats & Irish caps are the famous Irish Newsboy hats and the Irish walking hatJonathan Richards hats is a maker we regularly visit as we are based in Dublin so we just venture down the road for a visit to their workshop. It is fascinating to see how cloths of Donegal tweed are transformed one by one into handmade Irish heirlooms. For formal wear or for a stroll in the woods, or shelter from the rain, an Irish hat is for you!

We have a great blog on how to wear and choose Irish flat caps if you'd like to read more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Irish Hats

What are Irish hats called?

Irish mens hats are known as paddy caps or flat caps. They are characterized with peaks and stiff brims. It is a soft hat made from wool or tweed.

Where do flat caps originate from?

Flat caps come from Northern England in the 14th century. In Ireland in 1571, a law was passed requiring everyone to wear a woollen hat on a Sunday to boost the wool trade. Shortly after, the law was abolished. However, many men went on to wear them.

Where is the Irish tweed from that are in the caps?

Our tweed caps are made up of tweed from County Kerry as well as Donegal tweed.

What types of hats do you have?

We carry a vast range of caps including the driving cap, newsboy hat, trinity cap and the tweed Irish flat cap.