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Ogham Celtic Jewelry

Our Ogham Jewelry collection features a variety of pieces adorned with handpainted Celtic insignia and designs inspired by the ancient Ogham alphabet. An Abana Ogham jewelry piece from this range would make for a wonderful Irish gift for that special person in your life to celebrate their Irish heritage. Choose from our range of Irish Ogham Treasure jewelry pieces, including Ogham pendants, rings and earrings. You can even create a piece with your own personalized message!


Frequently Asked Questions About Ogham

What is Ogham?

The Ogham language is an ancient Irish written language dating from the 4th century AD. Inscriptions can be found carved into stones across Ireland. It was mostly used on trees. It consists of one vertical axis with a series of diagonal and horitonal lines.

How do you read Ogham?

Ogham writers carved this Celtic alphabet into trees to be read from the bottom up. Each Ogham letter consists of one of a number of lines parallel and close together.

Is Ogham still used?

These days, Ogham is used to make beautiful Celtic jewelry designs with Ogham symbolism. Ogham jewelry designs are special gifts that have hand carved messages in Ogham which can be translated into Gaelic.