Family Shields and Irish Coat of Arms


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Family Crests

The art of heraldry can be traced back to the twelfth century. An individual family coat of arms and a crest was created for knights so that they could be identified in battle despite their heavy armor. Each coat of arms must be unique and have specific meaning according to the rules of family heraldry, so no two Irish surnames will bear the same designs.

We are proud to showcase our collection of Irish family crest gifts. This collection consists of wall plaques handmade by our heraldry makers in Dublin who have been creating exquisite heraldic products since 1965. Through their vast library, researchers trace 96% of all known names requested, including those of Irish, British and European origin. These beautiful plaques bearing the Irish family crest, Irish coat of arms, and motto if applicable are perfect if you want to proudly display the unique emblems of your family name. You can also purchase a double plaque, displaying two heraldic shields, as a touching wedding gift. Our single shields range from medium to large. We also have a range of Irish crest prints.



Frequently Asked Questions About Family Crests

What is a family crest?

The family crest is set within the full coat of arms. The crest is the smaller component of the full coat of arms. In battle, the crest was used on the knights helmet, whilst the coat of arms was used on the cloak because it was bigger.

What is in an Irish coat of arms?

A coat of arms consists of a crest, helm, wreath, mantling, supporters, compartment, motto and shield.

Why do Irish families have a coat of arms?

A coat of arms is designed to help a family recognize their family's achievements in battle, and also to create an individual identity for their family name.