Irish Pocket Watches


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Our Irish pocket watches collection pays tribute to Irish craftsmanship. One of our leading Celtic Giftware brands - Mullingar Pewter - handcraft all of their pieces within Ireland. From authentic pewter designs to the traditional Celtic symbolism found embossed upon these pocket watches, any piece here would make for a wonderful Irish gift for men. These authentic Celtic pocket watches are for the punctual gentleman or lady, and our luxury mechanical pocket watches are handcrafted by pewter artisans, available in a wide variety of Celtic designs. If you'd like some guidance on how to wear a pocket watch then have a read of our blog!

Why to wear Celtic or Irish Pocket Watches?

Wearing Celtic or Irish pocket watches allows individuals to embrace and celebrate their Irish heritage, showcasing their connection to Celtic culture and traditions. These watches serve as meaningful accessories that symbolize identity, history, and appreciation for Irish craftsmanship.

What are the key features of an Irish pocket watch that differentiate it from other pocket watches?

Key features that differentiate Irish pocket watches include intricate Celtic designs, such as knotwork or Claddagh motifs, reflecting Irish heritage. They often incorporate symbols like shamrocks or harps, and may have a distinct antique or vintage aesthetic, capturing the essence of Irish craftsmanship.

Are Irish pocket watches suitable for both men and women, or are there gender-specific designs?

Irish pocket watches can be suitable for both men and women, as there are designs that cater to diverse preferences. While some may feature more masculine or feminine elements, there are no strict gender-specific divisions, allowing individuals of any gender to wear and appreciate them.