Connemara Marble Shamrock Pendant

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About this Piece

Three pieces of highly polished Connemara Marble stone and perfectly shaped to fit within the three leaves of the Shamrock creating an iconic necklace symbolizing Irish heritage. which measures 20mm in size.

  • Comes on an 18″ Sterling Silver chain.

Rhodium plated

History of the Shamrock

According to legend, St Patrick used the shamrock to teach the Celts about Christianity in the 5th century, with the three leaves representing the Holy Trinity. There were already several triple-deities in Irish mythology, which may have helped locals become accustomed to the concept of the Trinity. 
The name derives from seamróg meaning 'young clover'. Since the 18th century it has been used as an official symbol of Irish heritage, becoming incorporated into numerous local flags, coats of arms, and sports emblems. It is now a yearly St Patrick's Day tradition for the Irish taoiseach (prime minister) to present the President of the United States with a crystal bowl of shamrocks in the White House, as a celebration of Ireland's deep connection to the United States due to the Irish diaspora.