Gold Harp Pendant

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Gold Harp Pendant

A lovely gold harp pendant made in Fadó's Wicklow studio. The harp is the official symbol of Ireland and features on our presidential flag.

This is a large sized harp measuring 30 x 15mm. Handmade and Hallmarked in Ireland.

  • Gold
  • Harp measures 30 x 15 mm
  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Hallmarked at the Assay Office at Dublin Castle

History of the Celtic Harp

The cláirseach, or harp, is the national emblem of Ireland, appearing on flags, passports, and currency. It was an instrument of the elite in Ireland and Scotland, requiring years of practice to master, with strings made of metal that had to be constantly dampened due to their long resonance. Though it may have existed as far back as the 11th Century, its position as a symbol of Ireland and Celtic culture earned it the enmity of the English authorities in the late medieval period, who eventually banned it entirely - only a handful of harps from before this period have survived to this day. However in recent years the harp has had a cultural revival (with new musicians typically favoring small models), both as an instrument and as a symbol of Irish identity.