Women's Traditional Irish Clothing


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Looking for some traditional Irish clothing to add to your wardrobe? We have a great selection of Irish clothing to choose from, including scarves, Aran sweaters, capes and shawls, Donegal tweed, Connemara socks, gloves, and more. Whether you're looking for a cozy scarf to keep you warm on a cold day, or a stylish cape or shawl to dress up your outfit, Jimmy Hourihan has the perfect Irish clothing piece for you. Finally, if you'd like to try some traditional Irish clothing then why not try our Grandfather shirts.


What is Traditional Irish Clothing?

Irish clothing is characterized by its bright, colorful designs and intricate patterns. Traditionally, Irish clothing was made from wool and linen, which were locally sourced materials. Today, Irish clothing is still made from these natural materials, as well as from more modern fabrics. Irish clothing is often adorned with Celtic symbols and designs, which are believed to bring good luck.


What is Donegal Tweed?

Donegal Tweed is a type of woolen fabric that originates from the County Donegal in Ireland. It is typically handwoven and has a rugged, textured appearance. The fabric is often used for making traditional Irish clothing, such as caps and jackets.


What is an Aran Sweater?

Aran sweaters are traditional Irish wool sweaters that are typically hand-knit. The sweaters take their name from the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland, where they were originally designed and created. Aran sweaters are made from very thick, sturdy wool that is often undyed and natural in color. The sweaters are meant to be both warm and durable, and are often worn as workwear by fishermen and others who work outdoors in cold climates. Aran sweaters can be found in many different styles and designs, but all typically feature intricate cable or knit patterns.


How do you wash an Aran Sweater?

To wash an Aran sweater, first check the care label. If it is made of 100% wool, you can hand wash it in cool water with a mild wool detergent. If the care label says that the sweater is machine washable, then follow the instructions on the label. Be sure to use the gentle cycle and a wool detergent. To dry the sweater, shape it and lay it flat on a towel. Do not put it in the dryer.