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Celtic Irish Symbols And Their Meanings

Celtic Irish Symbols And Their Meanings

Celtic symbols are renowned with their connection to Ireland and its deep history with the Celts. At Gifts of Ireland, we have handpicked the best quality pieces, from the talented craftspeople of Ireland so that people across the world have a chance to have a little piece of Ireland in their home. Check out some of our favourite pieces below. 


The Celtic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, also known as Crann Bethadh in Irish, is a symbol that representing balance and harmony. Although the symbol dates back to ancient Egypt, the symbol became associated with the Celts, and their belief that the tree represented strength, wisdom and longevity. So much so that areas chosen for settlements by the celts always had at least one tree left standing as it was considered the tree of life meaning a source of shelter, food and life. As well as that it was a way for them to connect to the spiritual world with its deep roots and rising branches. Jewelry pieces like the Celtic Tree of Life bangle and other jewelry designed with these symbols connects the wearer to their irish roots.




Featuring a crowned heart held by two hands, the Claddagh represents love, friendship and loyalty. The story behind the Claddagh originates in Galway, and is named after the former fishing village, where Richard Joyce returned to after being held captive. It is thought that he crafted the claddagh while he was away and hoped one day to return to give it to the woman he loved.

People often ask how to wear a claddagh ring, as it once symbolized marital status. When worn on the left hand, with the heart facing the wearer it meant the person was married, or their heart was taken, otherwise the ring could be worn upside down, with the heart facing away from the wearer, to show their heart had not yet been taken. However, the claddagh can be a gift for friendship, our



Trinity knot

A symbol for eternity with its three interconnected points, The Trinity knot, also known as the Triquetra, is one of the best known celtic symbols. Although the meanings for the Trinity Knot change over the years, the recurrence of the Trinity Knot on Celtic art shows the importance of the symbol in Celtic culture. The Trinity knot has also become known as a Lovers Knot, and is a great way to show someone you care for them. Irish gifts that represent this ancient Celtic symbol include the popular Irish pocket watch as well as 'gifts for her' including lots of Celtic jewelry such as the Trinity knot pendant. It is a great way for people to connect with their Celtic and Irish heritage.


Celtic Cross

There are many possible origins of the Celtic Cross, with one of the most popular stories mentioning how the cross was introduced to Ireland by St Patrick during his time of converting Pagans to Christianity. The Pagans worshipped the sun, which is the reason for the circle placement over the Christian Cross. The cross therefore was to represent the faith of both the pagans and Christians. The crosses can be seen all over Ireland and are associated with the country's history. Many people wear a Celtic cross necklace proudly around their neck as a symbol of their Irish heritage and their Catholic faith.


If you are every lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel across Ireland you will come upon so many of these unique symbols. Hopefully our blog will give you some useful information to get you started!

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