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Celtic Jewelry Top Picks for this Summer

celtic cross necklace

Across Ireland we have visited many of our makers to see in person how these talented craftspeople create such beautiful Celtic Jewelry. These designs are worn world wide. They possess a unique combination of crafting skill merged with inspiration of the unique artistic history of Ireland. Read our four top picks of Irish jewelry made in Ireland.


Trinity Knot Pocket Watch

Our maker, Mullingar Pewter, is well known for the classic Celtic Pocket Watch. This Irish gift for him is a popular item for the discerning gent and goes well with a tweed jacket. We have visited their workshop in the midlands of Ireland in Westmeath. It is an fascinating experience to see how the watches are made. The design that we have picked is the Trinity Knot Pocket Watch which is a symbol of eternity.

Mullingar Pewter Pocket Watch Gifts of Ireland


Cladddagh Bangle

The Claddagh is perhaps the most popular design across design our jewelry collection. So many people across the world have bought this as a symbolic Irish gift. Made in Ireland by our maker, Boru Jewelry, this sterling silver bangle is set with an emerald gemstone which adds some classy sparkle for the lucky wearer!


Celtic Cross Ring

This cross is perhaps one of the most famous Irish monuments of historic Ireland. It dates back to the time that St. Patrick came to Ireland and has been associated with the founding of Christianity in Ireland. Each of the crosses are famous for their detailed artwork and this handcrafted ring by Boru jewelry represents it beautifully. The Celtic Cross ring is worn as a symbol of love and faith. It is a perfect Irish gift which can be worn by gents or ladies. If it's a Celtic Cross Necklace you would like, then there are so many to choose from.

 celtic cross ring gifts of ireland

Ogham Pendant

Ogham is an ancient Irish language originating in the 6th century. It can be found around many parts of rural Ireland. The Ogham language is a popular inspiration for making pendants such as this one by Ogham Treasures. We love this style of jewelry because it can say so much, with so little. They are a lovely gift from Ireland to give to her that can be worn for any occasion. Our collection consists of a variety of styles which have etching of different messages. The ‘blessing’ pendant is our top pick.


ogham pendant gifts of ireland



Summer is upon us and with such a wide section of Celtic Jewelry on our store, you will find something beautiful to look your best for the season!

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