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Celtic Summer Solstice

Celtic Summer Solstice
Hello there. I thought I'd share a little about my trip to the Hill of Tara in 2021 to celebrate the Celtic summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice occurs when the axial tilt of the earth is at its closest to the sun. It has more hours of daylight than any other time of the year, making it the longest day of the year.

People worldwide annually mark the event in different ways. While different ancient cultures had different traditions the Celts are world-famous for how they celebrate.

It was a time to celebrate many customs for many reasons. This varied depending on the locations. In the Hill of Tara, many gathered to banish evil spirits and open up the path for a fruitful harvest. It was a time of great social activity such as feasting and dancing around bonfires. The Celts really knew how to party!

I brought myself and my camera up to the Hill of Tara in County Meath on the night of the solstice. There was music playing and poetry being read. What I was really struck by was to see the children playing our Gaelic sport in the sunset at this neolithic monument. It was an amazing gathering for everyone of any interest and a centre where the best of Irish artistic culture was expressed so nicely.

Have a look at my video of the Celtic Summer Solstice below and enjoy!

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