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American Independence Day vs Irish Independence Day

American Independence Day vs Irish Independence Day

Quick History Fact and Happy Fourth Of July to those in America.

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In my travel around Dublin and Ireland through many walking tours I learned about Ireland’s War of Independence. 

Similar to America, Ireland has their own day to mark their independence. Unlike American traditions, Ireland’s Independence day has been made into the National Day of Commemoration to honor and commemorate all of the Irish people who have died in past wars and UN peacekeeping missions. 

Where America's revolutionary war was a fight short of a 9 years against the British, The fight between the IRA and the British lasted for only 2 years, five months until the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed and British rule of most of Ireland. Under the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

The celebrations didn't last long for the Irish as the Irish Civil war began when brother fought brother. The Irish Free State was fighting the IRA members who were anti treaty. For ten months they fought resulting in more deaths than the Irish War of Independence and the victory of the Irish Free State. 

Independence day in America is observed on the fourth of July, and has been celebrated for many years. Whereas the National Day of Commemoration in Ireland is observed on the Sunday closest to July 11th which is the anniversary of the truce that ended the Irish War of Independence. 

National Commemoration Day

In Ireland, “Independence Day” is not celebrated with fireworks and BBQs but with the principal ceremony at the Royal Hospital.​​ After the ceremony, the Reception of An Taoiseach and An tUachtarán where military honors are given out. The main ceremony follows the receptions, and then the day’s ceremonies/celebrations are pretty much over. In my point of view I think the differences between the similar holidays is very interesting. I would compare Ireland's  National Day of Commemoration has much more similarities to America’s Memorial Day and is not as commercialized as Memorial Day. 



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  • Ellen And Grandpa
    Jul 05, 2022 at 01:06

    Jenna, we loved reading your article on the Irish and US Independence Day celebrations. Thanks for educating us, Enjoy your trip to Edinburg, which is so full of more interesting history. Can’t wait to hear more about your experiences in Ireland, my family’s home country too, who were Keating’s.


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