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30 Irish Instagram Accounts from Ireland you'll Love

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It's 2021 and the weather in Ireland is uncharacteristically dazzling. If there was ever a time for a trip to the Emerald Isle, it's now! In case you need any more inspiration, we've curated a list of some amazing Instagram accounts we regularly love to like. So have a browse, get your fix of all things Irish and fall head over heels with the lush scenery, iconic Irish symbolism and Irish culture. 



The touringireland account delivers crisp, vibrant photographs with a focus on the natural world. This photo taken of Lough Derg in County Tipperary shows you the kind of gorgeous quality shots you can expect. 



The tinyboots account follows Sarah as she shares glimpses of her life living and travelling around Ireland. Her pictures, like the one below of Keem Bay in County Mayo, are sure to have you wishing you were there!



 Elizabeth's account chows the weird and wonderful of Ireland around the world. Pictures like this one, taken while kayaking in Dublin's River Liffey, will definitely make you want to try things you haven't thought of doing before in Ireland.


Best of Ireland features photos and videos that how different sides of Irish life. Blissfully colorful photos of villages, videos of traditional Irish live music and footage of funny and amazing experiences you can only find in Ireland. Like, for instance, this image of an overrun village street in Leenane, County Galway.


Irish Explorer's account delivers a daily dose clean, sumptuous images of monastic sites, quaint cottages and of course some breath-taking scenery shots! This video of the Great Blasket Islands off the coast of County Kerry has me dreaming of a getaway.



Raw Ireland's photos look straight from a fantasy and myth, which will make you want to see these sights for yourself. This photo from of the Dark Hedges County Antrim looks so atmospheric and fantastical, I wish I were there right now.



Daily Ireland brings a daily dose of the most breath-taking scenes around Ireland. The account has a knack for selecting photos with really captivating lighting, for example this amazing dusk shot of South Bull Lighthouse at Poolbeg, Dublin.



This account has breathtaking landscape scenes, in addition to endearing Irish sights like fluffy sheep, colorful pubs and cottages like this one in Connemara.



The Loves Ireland account is filled with tranquil Irish scenes, such as this  cottage tucked away in the greenery of Donegal.



The full Irish account features dreamy and dynamic pictures of Ireland's landmarks and raw natural beauty of stand-out quality. This picture of Glendalough is one of the best I've ever seen.



The Ireland Before you Die account is sure to make you wish you were in Ireland. They also give fun facts and mini history lessons in the caption of the posts.



Your Way Ireland promises the best of Irish travel experiences, and doesn't disappoint. This photo of the town of Killorglin, County Kerry has me craving a pint and the thrill of bustling streets.



This account brings you everything you need to know about life in Dublin. They bring you quality images and videos, along with facts and helpful content such as where to get the best fish and chips in Dublin, or this condensed tour of Dublin Castle. 


This account gives you travel ideas with their posts and are very good at capturing the atmosphere of Ireland, as their posts bring quirkiness and humor to Irish scenes.



The Little Pieces of Ireland account is all about visually stunning photos capturing the wonderous beauty of Ireland. These photos make Ireland look like a fairytale you'll wish to be part of.



Ireland daily brings you superb quality photos of the best of Ireland. With an exceptional eye for lighting, these images have the Emerald Isle looking its best and brightest. This sunrise photo makes Ireland look exotic.



Amazing Ireland's compositions are clean and serene. The way their photos are framed, like this one of Cobh in County Cork, is so satisfying to look at.



Cormac's account is a little different as his main focus is of the seaside and its fascinating marine wildlife. Cormac brings you stunning coastlines and immersive videos. This one of the last of the morning fog at Sliabh Liag Cliffs in County Donegal is amazing. A definite must follow!



Love Ireland's account brings you vivid colors and majestic shots of our most incredible landmarks. This one of Kinsale is so charming.



Gavin's incredible photography is worth a follow in its own right, but when he takes such atmospheric photos that are almost eerie at times, his account is definitely not be missed.



This account is simple but effective. Daily uploads of black and white scenes from around Dublin, with a lot of character.



Paul's account showcases the best outdoor experiences Ireland has to offer. This photo from atop Skellig Michael off the coast of County Kerry is exhilarating to look at - just imagine what it's like to be up there!



Bringing you amazing drone photography of incredible sights like this image of sun-soaked Newgrange in County Meath.



It's hard not to fall in love with Ireland when you see it through Chris' National Geographic-level lens. Simply breath-taking.



Patrick Conlon takes you along on his journeys through his videos. This clip of the Sugarloaf in County Wicklow is astounding.



Hugh's images are filled with vibrant light, wildlife and local sights. This image of Reginald's Tower in County Waterford is hypnotic.



Paddy's account brings you the most incredible shots of County Galway, for example this shot Mutton Island Lighthouse. Simpl amazing.



Live your fantasy life travelling all over Ireland through Niamh's account. I'm vicariously sitting on the Kerry Cliffs through this photo!



Florian's specialty is snapping the beautiful Dingle penninsuala on the Wild Atlantic Way. This photo of the Coumeenole Beach in County Kerry showcases the county at its very best.



Tom's adventures around Ireland will make you want to go have your own! Just look at this image from Healy Pass in County Cork.



Jerry's photographs use light and perspective in really creative ways. This one of Dromore Castle in County Limerick is simply magical.



So there we have it, the best Irish travel inspiration you could ever need. Hit follow now, and get planning your dream Ireland away! Have a look at our blogs about the five best places to visit in each county here for ideas on for more ideas on what to see across the 32 counties.

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