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Connemara Marble Jewelry - Our Top 5 Jewelry Picks

Connemara marble
Connemara marble formed from sediment deposits in the sea over 600 million years ago. These deposits were packed together and solidified over millennia through the forces of nature. People from the Stone Age used the marble to make weaponry 4000 years ago, examples of which are on display in the National Museum of Ireland. It is unique to Connemara in County Galway, at the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way.
Connemara, County Galway
It is not just the marble that makes Connemara unique, however. It is nestled into the coastline of the West  of Ireland with breathtaking views of the Atlantic and the Aran Islands, and awe-inspiring natural scenery with its lakes, bogs, and fishing coves. The locals cherish an authentic way of life in Connemara, as well as the Irish language and music. This beautiful emerald marble is an important part of its story, and the story of Irish craft. Today we’ll have a look at our favorite pieces of Connemara marble jewelry at Gifts of Ireland.

1. Inlayed Marble Trinity Knot Pendant

Connemara Marble Trinity Knot Pendant

The Trinity Knot was used by early Christians to represent the Holy Trinity and was a key symbol in Celtic art of the Middle Ages. It has since become a hugely popular design for Celtic jewelry. The smooth, deep forest green of the Connemara marble in this pendant evokes a deeply traditional sense of Irish heritage.

2. Celtic Cross Earrings

Celtic cross earrings
The Celtic Cross first appeared in Ireland and Britain during the early middle ages, when missionaries were spreading Christianity among the Celtic populations. The style represents a unity of Christian and Celtic motifs and was again an integral feature of Celtic art of the Middle Ages. These carefully crafted, lightweight earrings are made even more eye-catching by the pop of beautiful emerald marble panels set into the silver.

3. Claddagh Earrings with Connemara Marble

Claddagh earrings

The Claddagh is one of the most popular designs in Irish jewelry and was named after the small villiage in Galway that produced them. These sterling silver earrings are fashioned with beautiful stipple detail on the crown, and with the clasping arms in a unique teardrop-like shape. At the heart (literally) of these earrings is a beautiful piece of smooth green marble, making them a particularly special piece of Irish craft. 

4. Fairy Tree Earrings

Fairy tree earrings with Connemara marble

These gorgeous earrings represent a more whimsical aspect of Irish culture. Fairy trees are an enduring feature of Irish superstition, believed to be gateways belonging to the ‘Sidhe’ or faerie people from the otherworld. The sterling silver casings of these earrings are fitted with Connemara marble to bring the fairy trees to life and are left bare to show off their design. Each pair of earrings comes with a story card explaining the fairy tree folklore, so you’ll be well able to tell admirers all about them!

5. The Tara Brooch

tara brooch

Photo: The Connemara marble Tara brooch

The Tara Brooch is a Celtic brooch dating from the 8th century. It is perhaps the most famous and iconic of all Celtic brooches. The Tara Brooch is made of gold, silver and brass and is adorned with intricate design work and filigree. The meaning of the Tara Brooch is unclear but it is thought to be connected with the Celtic goddess of the same name. It may also have been used as a political or social statement by the Celts. The Tara Brooch is a beautiful and fascinating artifact that offer a glimpse into the Celtic past. Today, many jewelers create their own version of the brooch. This Connemara marble Tara brooch replica is a beautiful handmade Irish design made from Ireland's gemstone as well as rhodium plated base metal.


Indeed, there is more to this marble than its color that makes it a treasured and distinct feature of Irish heritage. Each piece of Connemara marble is a part of the Emerald Isle itself. If you want to know even more about the rich history of this beautiful feature of Ireland, you can take a tour of the The Streamstown Marble quarry in Clifden, County Galway, the oldest of the marble quarries in Ireland. If you're planning a visit to Ireland, Connemara is an essential stop.
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