Rynhart Turoe Stone - Small Bronze Clock

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About this Piece

Bring history into your home with this astounding clock from Rynhart Bronze. This ancient carved stone is a perfect example of ‘La Tene' art by the Celts from the 1st to 3rd century BC. It originally stood on a hillfort in the townland of Bullan, Co. Galway and is believed to have been used to bless marriages. This fine clock is an exquisite piece of Irish home decor and would also make a remarkable gift from Ireland.

  • Height 100mm
  • Handmade in West Cork, Ireland
  • Made of bronze

About the Maker

Rynhart's bronze sculptures was created by Jeanne Rynhart in 1981,  and has captivated people all over the world ever since then. Each piece is individually handmade with great skill and care in Ireland. The studio is now run by Jeanne's daughter Audrey and her husband Les Elliot, from the workshop on the Atlantic coast in Glengarriff, West Cork.