Mullingar Pewter Mythical Ireland Beaker - Queen Maeve

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Mythical Beaker

This beautiful handcrafted Mullingar Pewter beaker tells a story from ancient mythical Ireland. Made by Mullingar Pewter in the midlands of Ireland, every side of this Irish handcrafted beaker is etched with the story of one of Irelands great mythical heros. The beaker is polished on the inside while the outside is hand turned on top and base with the center darkened to highlight the scenes on the three sides. 

This elaborately handcrafted beaker features embossed scenes of the legendary Queen Maeve (Medb in the Old Irish spelling), the warrior queen of Connacht from the Iron Age who is shrouded in myth, with folklorists suggesting that she may have been a sovereignty goddess.

This Mullingar Pewter piece would make for a wonderful handmade Celtic gift for someone to celebrate their Irish heritage!

  • Made in Ireland
  • 8oz
  • Height 4.25"
  • Width 3.2"

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