Blackthorn Irish Walking Stick Shillelagh

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Blackthorn Irish Walking Stick Shillelagh

Blackthorn Irish Walking Stick Shillelagh

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Product description


If you're looking for a quality Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick, look no further than our finely crafted in Ireland shillelagh! Our blackthorn walking stick shillelaghs are handcrafted by our skilled maker partner in Offaly, and each one is unique. They make a great addition to any walking stick collection and they're perfect for use on a trail or in the garden.

This is really is a beautifully handcrafted traditional blackthorn Irish Walking Stick from Ireland. 

It is made from harvested blackthorn bush in Ireland making it a strong and durable walking or hiking accessory.

THE PROTECTIVE FINISH OF THE SHAFT: you can choose either option:

Linseed finish: the natural look. brighter shaft showing the natural native blackthorn. it’s got an oily base and protects the stick.


Black oil based paint: this give it the black look like in the photos. Naturally, blackthorn is not a black wood though.  over time, if you do hit the stick off objects then you’ll take the paint off it. but, you can repaint yourself.

Which is most popular? Linseed. people like to keep the natural look. It does not look as fancy, but it’s the true authentic blackthorn look. Blackthorn is not black  by nature.

Every stick is unique and vary a little. and that’s the beautiful thing about it.

☘️ Crafted from high quality solid Irish Blackthorn wood harvested from County Offaly that’s been cured over a few years to strengthen.

☘️ This Blackthorn walking stick offers a longevity rarely seen in walking canes.

☘️ Tough, resilient and naturally resistant. Only the best of support and quality.

☘️ A true piece of Ireland that we have been sending to many walkers across the world, with no returns.

☘️ As they are all handcrafted, they naturally vary a little in length but generally the length runs between 34” - 38” (91 to 96cm). if you feel it’s a little long, then you can decide to cut some inches off. (if you require one that is longer, say above 40 inches please send me a message and I’ll see what I can do)

☘️ Personal service. Aidan is your main contact at the shop and is available to answer your questions.

☘️ 34-38 inches high (89 to 91cm)
☘️ We ship it from Dublin, Ireland, with tracked express shipping.
☘️ Top class quality, made in Offaly, Ireland.
☘️ built to last. For the generations!

Watch this video of the Shillelagh by Aidan from Gifts of Ireland:


Frequently Asked Questions About Shillelaghs

What is a Shillelagh?

A shillelagh is a long stick made from blackthorn with a round knob at the top for a grip. The Shillelagh has its originates from the forests of County Wicklow. It is made from Irish blackthorns and it is a durable walking stick. Hundreds of years ago, the Shillelagh was used as a fighting weapon but these days it is common for people to use it for walks in the woods.

How do you pronounce Shillelagh?

Shillelagh is pronounced as shill-ay-lee. It is the English version of the original name in Gaelic called sail éille. Sail means 'willow' and éille means 'leash'.

What is a shillelagh used for?

In the 18th and 19th century, Shillelaghs were used for fighting by gangs in Ireland. They were an effective fighting weapon. The tradition of stick fighting was called Bataireacht in Gaelic. These days they are used for a walking aid. They are a useful cane to have when going for a stroll.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeremy Froese
Amazing tree

This is a solid walking stick and I am very pleased with the quality, look and feel.
I will give costumer service a zero, but the product is amazing.

Mark K
Great Gift

My daughter wanted to give her 84 year old grandfather a memorable gift for Christmas. She knew of these walking sticks from a recent trip to Ireland. Delivery was in the nick of time, 24th of December, so we put a red ribbon on it and placed by the tree. Dad (Granddad) certainly was pleased and I saw him trying it out in the house.

Great looking piece of work, compliments to the good folk involved in our purchase!

Timothy Bowe

I'm really happy with my Blackthorn Shillelagh!! Perfect size, looks a feels great. I was very surprised at how fast I received my package. I highly reccomend!!! Thanks!

Mary Chipper

Blackthorn Walking Stick Shillelagh

Cheryl McDonald

Exactly as advertised As we couldn’t get to visit this year I had a piece of Ireland sent for my husbands birthday

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