Studio Donegal - Donegal Days Throw Rug

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About this Piece

There are five types of day in Donegal - stormy, rainy, winter, payday and summer.

A stormy day starts bright until the rain clouds gather and turn gray, grayer and black. Then you glimpse yellows, purples and blues, catch the white of a thunderbolt and lightning, and then see black followed by rain and more rain, until finally you see the emerald verdant growth of a new bright day!

This exquisite handwoven throw rug will bring the colors of the Donegal landscape into your home! This item has been washed and milled with rolled fringes. To cater for the variety of weather we have another throw to choose from!

About the Maker

Studio Donegal is based in Kilcar, Co Donegal, along the Wild Atlantic Way where a tradition of handweaving and wool textiles has been in existence, dating back to the late 1700’s and earlier, prior to the Industrial Revolution. Textiles provided an important income for rural dwellers in the cottage industry, while local farmers supplemented their income by hand weaving tweed from the rough homespun yarn.
In the late 1980s, amid a struggling Irish textile industry, Kevin Donaghty and his wife Wendy were determined to preserve the tradition of hand weaving in Kilcar, so they took the brave step of taking over Studio Donegal from Connemara Fabrics, its previous owner. They leased the old buildings and purchased the hand looms, and armed with courage and determination, set about achieving their goal of creating a successful brand while staying true to the core value of hand weaving all their tweed.