Shanore Silver Tara's Princess Heart Trinity Earrings adorned with a Crystal

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Earrings adorned with a Crystal

These rose gold plated Sterling silver princess earrings are an exquisite pair meant for special occasions. Created with fine craftsmanship as dangling hoops with wire hook piercing on top, each earring features an ornate bead-edged circle motif featuring a rose gold plated heart flanked by trinity knots on both sides.

The crown-topped hearts are embellished with clear and dazzling crystals in solitaire look for eye-catching sparkle. The heart is an eternal symbol of love and affection. The clear crystals add their serene aura for peace of mind. crystals add their serene aura for peace of mind. Wear these with your party gowns and cocktail dresses to charm everyone and feel in full command of yourself.

  • Rose Gold Plated
  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Hallmarked at the Assay Office at Dublin Castle

History of the Celtic Trinity

The leaf-life trinity knot, or triquetra (from the Latin 'three-cornered), was used by early Christians to represent the Holy Trinity, though the symbol has its roots in earlier pre-Christian religions, possibly existing thousands of years beforehand. Being such as versatile symbol, the triquetra has countless interpretations - the number three was an important number in Celtic symbolism, so possible meanings also include the unity of the earth/sea/sky, the three stages of life, or various triple-deities. 

It came to prominence during the period of 'insular art' in the early middle ages, which combined early Christian and Celtic art. Some of its most famous incarnations are found within the artwork of the Book of Kells. It was popularized again during the Celtic revival of the 19th Century.