Handmade Irish Vests & Waistcoats


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Handmade Irish Vests & Waistcoats

Explore our diverse Men's Irish Vests and Waistcoats collection, presenting a wide array of authentic Irish clothing options. Discover Tweed waistcoats that embody the traditional Irish look, carefully crafted by leading brands like Mucros Weavers and Jimmy Hourihan. Each vest in our assortment is a testament to Irish craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafted using premium Irish materials. Whether you're seeking to elevate your wardrobe or searching for a meaningful gift, our collection offers the perfect blend of heritage and style. Choose a piece from our range of Irish men's waistcoats to capture the essence of Irish culture and refinement.

How do you wear a brown tweed waistcoat?

Pair it with a crisp shirt, jeans, and brown brogues. Add an Irish cap and Irish pocket watch for a dapper touch.

Is it OK to wear a waistcoat without a jacket?

Yes, it's stylish. Choose a well-fitted waistcoat, complementing it with trousers and a shirt for a smart-casual look.

Should a waistcoat be tight or loose?

A snug fit is ideal. Avoid extremes—ensure it's comfortable when fastened but not overly tight for a polished appearance.