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Grandfather Shirts

As part of our Irish clothing range, we bring you a curated collection of women and mens Grandfather shirts. These are part of the traditional Irish clothing range. Our customers love the comfort that they give because of their loose fitting and stylish cut. They come in a range of colors and styles. Enjoy browsing the range!

Frequently Asked Questions About Grandfather Shirts

What is a Grandfather Shirt?

A grandfather shirt, also known as a grandad shirt or grandpa shirt, is a type of casual, collarless shirt that typically features a buttoned front and a round neckline. It's a versatile piece of clothing known for its relaxed fit and comfort. These shirts are characterized by their laid-back style and can come with either short or long sleeves.

Importantly, grandfather shirts are not limited to a specific gender. They are designed for both men and women, each with their own unique styles. While the traditional version is often associated with men's attire and is part of Irish heritage, there are Woman Irish Shirts These versions are commonly referred to as "women's Irish shirts" or "Woman Grandfather Shirts." Just like their male counterparts, women's Irish shirts maintain the collarless design and relaxed aesthetic, offering a comfortable and stylish option for various occasions.

Why is it called a Grandfather Shirt?

The name "grandfather shirt" likely originates from the traditional attire worn by older generations, which often included similar collarless shirts. These shirts were associated with a more conservative and timeless fashion sense, reminiscent of what one might imagine a grandfather wearing. Over time, the term "grandfather shirt" stuck and became a common way to refer to this type of garment.

What is the Irish Shirt called?

The specific type of collarless shirt associated with Irish culture is known as a "Grandfather Collar Shirt" or simply an "Irish collarless shirt." These shirts are a part of traditional Irish attire and are often worn with a waistcoat (vest) and a tie for a more formal look. They have a long history in Irish fashion and are sometimes considered a symbol of Irish heritage. The collarless design and buttoned front are distinctive features of these shirts, and they are often made from materials like linen or cotton.