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What is the Jealous Wall? A Trip to Belvedere House

What is the Jealous Wall? A Trip to Belvedere House

Well after all my visits to the lovely structures of the past Ireland, the last thing I expected was to be fooled by the folly at Belvedere house!

So, what is this Jealous wall?

The "Jealous Wall" is a historical structure located in the grounds of Belvedere House and Gardens near Mullingar, Ireland. It's a popular attraction and part of the history of Belvedere House and Gardens.

Now you’d think this was built way way back but in fact it was built only in the 18th century by Robert Rochfort, the first Earl of Belvedere. The wall is said to have been constructed to block his view of the nearby Tudenham House, which he had a dispute over and ultimately won in a legal battle.


After making my way down the twisty garden road entrance to the Belvedere estate, the towering Jealous Wall comes into view. The name "Jealous Wall" comes from the belief that Rochfort built the wall out of spite and jealousy to obscure the view of Tudenham House.

As I approached the wall itself, I couldn't help but be impressed by it’s presence. Standing at around 30 meters high and featuring various architectural elements, it’s the largest folly or sham ruin in Ireland. Look at all the pointy window frames and the decorative stone work. 

Can you imagine though, that the relationship with George, Mr. Rochfort’s brother, must have been so bad that it turned into so much jealousy and spite toward George that he had to build a useless wall like this. To build a wall like this, you’d have to have some spare cash, a stone mason at the ready, and bags of jealousy. But no stone wall can heal a jealous heart! 💚

And dont miss out on my trip to Loughcrew, another amazing site but this time, 5000 years older than this Jealous wall!

Sláinte! ☘️


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  • Nelly Flores.
    Sep 02, 2023 at 03:44

    That’s amazing that someone would build a wall so they won’t see their neighbors, but a great peace of history. Thank you for sharing.. I am getting excited to visit Ireland.🙏🏼

  • Dorton Donna
    Aug 31, 2023 at 14:15

    Wonderful to see all the different sites of Ireland. I hope to return someday. This was an interesting story. Thank you again Aiden

  • William Conly
    Aug 31, 2023 at 03:17

    What a great piece of history, here! I was totally unaware of this place, the wall, much less the story! Thank you very much for sharing this story! I would love to see this for myself! W>


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