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Six Celebrities With Claddagh Rings

claddagh ring

Galway has been crafting Claddagh rings continuously since at least 1700. The Claddagh was named after the small Galway fishing village that first produced the design and it was said that you could easily tell if someone wasn't from the village if they weren't wearing a Claddagh ring. Now, Claddagh rings are worn all over the world and have become a fashionable way to acknowledge your Irish heritage. Here we look at six celebrities who have been known to sport the iconic piece of Irish jewelry. 

1. Bono

Irish rock legend Bono is a huge fan of the Claddagh and is often seen sporting a silver Claddagh ring. He has even been known to draw the symbol onto the arms of fans, with the letter 'B' below the heart, as an autograph.

Bono wearing claddagh ring


2. Walt Disney

Walt Disney was known for being proud of his Irish roots, and showed this by wearing a Claddagh ring. The ring was so important to him that a Claddagh ring sits on the finger of his wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s, along with one even being carved onto his finger on his statue in Disneyland Resort and Studios in California. 

Walt Disney Claddagh ring


3. The Gallagher Brothers

The Oasis frontmen and sons of Irish immigrant parents have both been seen wearing Claddagh rings on a number of occasions, with Noel even wearing a gold Claddagh in the video for their hit 'Don’t Look Back in Anger.'

Liam Gallagher


4. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had part of their honeymoon in Ireland in 2014. The couple enjoyed the Ballyhoura Bikes tour and stayed in the luxurious Castle Oliver on  the border between counties Limerick and Cork. It's been widely reported that during the trip, Kanye bought Kim a Claddagh ring to commemorate the visit.

Kim and Kanye in Dublin


5. John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy visited his ancestral land in 1963. Though the visit was short, it had a lasting impact on not only the locals, but the country as a whole. He and his wife Jackie reportedly bought Claddagh rings while they were in Galway and it's been said that he wore his ring the entire trip. 

JFK in Ireland


6. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is said to have received a Claddagh ring from the Taoiseach (Prime  Minister) during her 1961 visit to Ireland. She and her husband, Prince Rainer III of Monaco, dined with Taoiseach Seán Lemass and his wife Kathleen at the Gresham Hotel in Dublin City and also visited her ancestral cottage in County Mayo. 

Grace Kelly in Ireland


A Claddagh ring is the perfect gift to celebrate Ireland with style. Designed to commemorate love, friendship, and loyalty, a Claddagh ring makes a touching gift from Ireland. We here at Gifts of Ireland are proud to share this piece of Irish culture and history. It's important for us to be able to be part of the tradition by having the finest selection of Irish made Claddagh rings available.

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