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Celtic Tree of Life - Meaning and Symbolism

Celtic Tree of Life - Meaning and Symbolism

The Celtic Tree of Life is deep within the symbolism of the ancient Celts. The Celts are believed to have arrived in Ireland around 500 BC. By the 5th century, the Celtic language was widely spoken across the island. The Celts were the dominant ethnic group in Ireland until around 400 AD. Metal work was an essential form of expression for the Celts and many quintessentially Irish symbols and jewelry designs worn today are inspired by the Celts. The tree of life is the most important symbol as it features an oak tree. Oak trees were considered sacred by the Celts. Gift of Ireland’s Celtic tree of life jewelry collection is a modern connection to an ancient past.


What does the Tree of life symbolize?

The Celtic tree of life is a well-known symbol and a central part of Celtic jewelry design. The Tree represents rebirth, growth and eternal life. When ancient Celts created a new community, they planted a tree or ‘Crann Bethadh’ at the center. Trees, in general, were a sacred part of the Celts culture and beliefs. The tree is a visual representation of how nature’s forces combined to create balance and harmony. Visualize how different trees combined create a magnificent forest, and how their branches grow tall and provide homes for animals. The Celtic tree of life represents this.

The Celts believed that the roots of a tree represented 'another world’, the trunk represents the ‘mortal world’, and the branches are a symbol of heaven. Thus, trees, especially oak trees, were considered a gateway to the spiritual world.



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A symbol of family

The tree of life is a symbol of  family, fertility and ancestry.  Even though a tree grows old, its seeds provide immortal life. Trees grow and evolve with the seasons representing rebirth.

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Celtic Knot

The Tree of life is a type of Celtic knot. Celtic knots can be found on crosses, churches and historic building in Ireland. They are also featured in the legendary Book of Kells. Celtic knots have no beginning or end and represent eternal love, faith and loyalty. This Irish symbol can be found in many forms but all feature a tree with wide reaching branches and a network of roots. Celtic knots represent the belief that all good things come in threes.

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