Green Stone Claddagh Bangle

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About this Piece

This Green Stone Claddagh Bangle has Celtic knot-work along a circle with a Claddagh symbol at the bottom. The Claddagh Heart has a Green Cublic Zirconia Stones to add a bit of Irish sparkle!

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Plating: Rhodium
Stone: Green Cubic Zirconia (CZ)
Weight: 26.6 grams approx.
Width: Top 16.2 mm, Bottom 6.3 mm
Size: 6.9″ / 175mm approx.

History of the Claddagh

The Claddagh (or Cladach, meaning 'the shore') features a crowned heart held by two hands - the heart represents love, the hands represent friendship, while the crown stands for loyalty. As far back as medieval times, engagement rings had been inscribed with clasped hands to signify one's fidelity, while the heart and crown were eventually added in the 18th century. 
The Claddagh is named for the former fishing village that's now part of Galway city in the West of Ireland, where iconic Claddagh rings have since been produced for hundreds of years. Legend has it that in 1695, a local teenage silversmith called Richard Joyce became enslaved by Algerian pirates, and invented the Claddagh ring while in captivity. 
Whatever the true origin, the Claddagh has since exploded in popularity among those desiring to celebrate their Irish heritage, appearing on many forms of jewelry and art from weddings rings to casual gifts of friendship.