Irish Linen House Tree of Life Placemats - Hemstitched

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About this Piece

This set of 4 placemats is inspired by Celtic folklore. The tree of life is a significant symbol in ancient Irish stories - some say that if you fall asleep beneath an oak you will awaken among the fairy...

51cm x 36cm.

The Celtic Tree of Life

Known as 'crann bethadh' to the ancient Celts, the Tree of Life (and its many variations across ancient cultures) represented rebirth and resilience, as well as balance and harmony, as symbolized by its branches rising towards the heavens and its roots descending into the earth. Whenever land was cleared to make way for a new farm or settlement, one large tree would be left alone in the middle as a sacred focal point (thus, cutting down an enemy's tree would be a huge blow to them). While trees provided resources and shelter, they were also a doorway to the spirit world. 

About the Maker

Irish Linen House is a family run brand founded by Dublin-born designer Greg Whelan and his wife Mary in 2011. Greg studied at the Grafton Academy of Fashion Design before branching out with his own label in the early 1990s. During Greg’s time designing womenswear, he was fascinated with embroidery and experimented with different appliqué designs and techniques. He also worked with linen to create some of his most successful fashion collections, and adored working with the fabric because of its versatility, natural feel and charming qualities. 

As Greg moved away from fashion, he had a desire to create something new and unique. He was keen to explore linen and, combined with his passion for embroidery and innate talent for drawing and design, he turned his hand to tableware. Greg believed in creating beautiful pieces for the home to bring style, creativity and elegance to modern entertainment and living. 

Thus, Irish Linen House was born, using 100% Irish linen from Ireland's best weavers and resulting in contemporary tableware inspired by Celtic designs, Irish folklore, the Book of Kells, the Wild Atlantic Way and much more.