Saint Matthew - Embroidered Wall Piece

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About this Piece

Mounted wall piece embroidered on 100% Irish linen, inspired by the illuminations in the Book of Kells. 

28cm x 36cm

History of the Book of Kells

Also known as the Book of Colum Cille (one of Ireland's patron saints), the Book of Kells is one of Ireland's greatest and oldest tourist attractions. Created around 800 AD, it contains an illuminated manuscript of the Gospels. It remains one of the greatest examples of insular art (from 'insula', the Latin for 'island'), which combines Christian and Celtic design. The calligraphy and stylized illustrations feature Biblical figures as well as mythical beasts from local folklore. It was a masterful undertaking at the time, containing 340 pages of quality calf vellum, while the inks were imported from far-off lands. However it was never fully finished - it may have been put into hiding instead due to the threat of Viking raids. 

Its name comes from the Abbey of Kells in County Meath, though it was originally produced on the island of Iona off the coast of Scotland. Today it resides at Trinity College, Dublin. 

About the Maker

Irish Linen House is a family run brand founded by Dublin-born designer Greg Whelan and his wife Mary in 2011. Greg studied at the Grafton Academy of Fashion Design before branching out with his own label in the early 1990s. During Greg’s time designing womenswear, he was fascinated with embroidery and experimented with different appliqué designs and techniques. He also worked with linen to create some of his most successful fashion collections, and adored working with the fabric because of its versatility, natural feel and charming qualities. 

As Greg moved away from fashion, he had a desire to create something new and unique. He was keen to explore linen and, combined with his passion for embroidery and innate talent for drawing and design, he turned his hand to tableware. Greg believed in creating beautiful pieces for the home to bring style, creativity and elegance to modern entertainment and living. 

Thus, Irish Linen House was born, using 100% Irish linen from Ireland's best weavers and resulting in contemporary tableware inspired by Celtic designs, Irish folklore, the Book of Kells, the Wild Atlantic Way and much more.