Mullingar Pewter Evangelists Goblet (8oz) - Matthew The Man

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Mullingar Pewter Goblet

From the Mullingar Pewter Evangelist goblet collection, this traditional Irish piece goblet depicts Saint Matthew of the Evangelists, the tax collector who became a disciple of Jesus and witnessed his resurrection. 

This 8oz goblet is beautifully finished from with Celtic filigree, while Matthew's design lifts inspiration of the angelic depiction from the Book of Kells, based on the representation of Matthew as the 'winged man' from the Book of Revelations.

Made in Ireland, this is an authentic traditional Irish design handcrafted in the Mullingar Pewter workshop. This would be a perfect handmade Celtic gift for someone in your life, or even yourself! Another evangelist is John the Eagle, Mark the Lion, and Luke the Ox.


  • Height 5.25" 
  • Made in Ireland
  • 8 oz