Mullingar Pewter Evangelists Wine Goblet (8oz) - Mark The Lion

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 Mullingar Pewter Goblet

This Mullingar Pewter Wine Goblet features a Celtic Lion and icovellavna design celebrating Mark of the Evangelists.

The lion is a symbol of power, strength, courage, and assertiveness, and is often referred to as the king of beasts. The lion used to represent St. Mark is often winged, occasionally crowned with a halo. It is also the symbol of Venice. Other depictions may include the lion with a sword or a bible at its paws.

Made in Ireland, this is an authentic traditional Irish design handcrafted in the Mullingar Pewter workshop. This would be a perfect handcrafted Celtic gift for someone in your life, or even yourself!

  • 8oz
  • 5.25" height
  • Made in Ireland