Calm Body Oil

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About this Product:

Natural body oils are an effective way to seal in moisture while skin is damp, which keeps your water loss to a minimum. The best part is you apply right out of the shower or add a tablespoon of infused herbal oils to your bath. Retaining water in our body keeps skin looking young, supple and wrinkle-free.

Airmid Calm body oil is a unique blend of high grade plant oils: jojoba, sweet almond, organic avocado, extra virgin olive and grapeseed infused with homegrown herbs and pure essential oils of calming lavender, sweet and floral orange and sensual patchouli.

100% NATURAL Ingredients - suitable for all skin types - sensitive.

Ingredients: Prunus Dulcis, Vitis Vinifera, Persea Gratissima, Olea Europaea, Simmondsia Chinensis, Tocophero, Lavandula Angustifolia, Citrus Sinensis, Pogostemon Cablin

About the Maker:

Kevin Lynch is an organic horticulturalist who was inspired to create his own skincare collection as a more gentle alternative to most commercial products, due to having suffered from eczema since birth. Thus, Airmid was created, its name inspired by the ancient Celtic goddess of herbs and healing. 
Based in Kilfenora in County Clare, on Ireland's wild southwest coast, Airmid's products are all handmade, using organic methods and the traditional cold process to produce the best skin product. The soaps contain the natural glycerin which occurs in the soap-making process and leaves your skin silky smooth. All bars are cut by hand and are cured for at least 6 weeks before sale to ensure a hard, high quality luxury product. 

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