Bean na h-Éireann Cremation Urn

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About this Piece

Ireland is often represented as a woman on the ancient Irish Harp, which is unique to our Celtic Irish heritage.

This elegant Irish Urn is named as a celebration of the woman of Ireland, or "Bean na h-Éireann" ('ban na hair-in') in Gaelic. It is also attributed to the many prominent Irish women our culture has produced throughout history, such as Ériu (the Matron Goddess of Ireland to which she gave her name ‘Érin’), Gráinne Ní Mhaol, Countess Markievicz and the Cumann na mBán, and more recently President Mary McAleese.

Our urn marries together the iconic harp symbol of Ireland with a Celtic collar knot, representing how the Irish are all bound together for eternity.

This urn has a beautiful feel and texture, allowing you to clearly see the handcrafted nature of the piece.It is delivered in a beautiful urn presentation box lined with Irish traditional hessian.

The colors are earthy so they represent the timeless beauty found in the nature of Ireland and its seas. Our artisan mixes his own glazes and calls this ‘Lough Blue’- a rich ultramarine echoing the depths of Carlingford Lough.


Cubic capacity is approximately 150 Cubic Inches, or 2458 Cubic Centimeters.

Height is approximately 10 inches, or 25.5 Centimeters

Width is approximately 6 inches, or 15.25 Centimeters.

Weight is approximately 2.87 Pounds, or 1.3 Kilograms.

About the Maker

Bob Hamilton founded Irish Urns in Dublin for the purpose of helping Irish families find high-quality urns and keepsakes at a difficult time. After a death of a close relative, Bob realized how difficult it can be to procure a truly 100% Irish urn that reflects the heritage and ancestry of Ireland, particularly for families with Irish roots living outside Ireland. Thus, Irish Urns was born. Their skilled artisans allow grieving families to capture the heart of Irish heritage with their carefully crafted urn and keepsake collection.