Antique Torc Ring

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Gold/Silver Antique Torc Ring

Embrace history with our Antique Torc Ring. Inspired by ancient Celtic design, this ring encapsulates the enduring allure of the Torc. Meticulously crafted, this unique piece brings a touch of antiquity to your style. A genuine Torc Ring, rich in heritage and beautifully crafted in Ireland.

The Torc, a historic decorative metal neck ring, originated in various metals, often adorned by images of Celtic deities and warriors, particularly in gold. Even in the third and first centuries BC, Celtic women adorned themselves with armlets and anklets. Elaborate in design, precious metal Torcs held significance in both battle and ceremonial wear, symbolizing strength and stature.

Our Torc ring draws inspiration from The Broighter Torc, housed at The National Museum in Dublin. This unique design, meticulously crafted in Ireland and assayed at Dublin Castle, showcases intricate Celtic patterns. The ring arrives in an elegant gift box, complete with a story card, making it a treasured Irish gift for a friend or loved one.

Weight: 5.6gms approx.
Width: 5.5mm at bottom of band / 5.8 at the top approx.

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