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The Trinity Knot (or triquetra) is one of ancient Ireland's most recognisable and revered Celtic designs. Our carefully curated selection of authentic Celtic Trinity Knot Jewelry consists of pieces lovingly handcrafted in Ireland by Irish makers such as Celtic DNA. The Trinity Knot symbolises the holy trinity of father, son and holy spirit. A piece from Mullingar Pewter would make a wonderful gift for that special someone in your life to celebrate their Irish roots.

Browse our stunning collection of Trinity Knot Celtic jewelry, including rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and more!

What is the significance of the Trinity Knot symbol? 

Embedded in the tapestry of Irish heritage, the Trinity Knot stands as a profound emblem. With its origins tracing back to ancient Celtic artistry, this intricate design captures the essence of the holy trinity - father, son, and holy spirit. Its enduring significance resonates deeply in Irish culture, making it not just an ornament, but a timeless representation of faith and tradition.


What types of jewelry feature the Trinity Knot design?

Explore our diverse range of Trinity Knot Celtic jewelry, including rings, pendants, and earrings, all showcasing this revered symbol.

Who would appreciate Trinity Knot Jewelry as a gift?

Anyone with Irish heritage or an appreciation for Celtic symbolism would cherish a Trinity Knot piece. It's a meaningful Irish gift to celebrate their roots.

Is the Trinity Knot Jewelry collection authentic Celtic?

Yes, our collection comprises genuine Celtic Trinity Knot pieces, handcrafted in Ireland. Each item carries the essence of ancient Irish symbolism.

Why is the Trinity Knot significant in Irish culture?

The Trinity Knot's representation of the holy trinity and its enduring presence in Ireland's history make it a powerful emblem of faith and heritage.